Knife + Pen



With only our Texas accents still intact, we have lived and worked across America and now Europe. Vagabonds no longer, we have decided to virtually scrap-book our experiences, especially the ones that have ended with too many beers, tireless eating and of course, our favorite past time our dogs, BBQ and Catfish.

  1. I luv this BloG It IS theONLy thinG that I liVE 4

    BleSS You\UU

  2. I can’t believe I had to give up my reservations. I’m crying here, guys!!!

  3. How does one sign up for guest dishwash? It’s already my job, so why not get paid in beer one night for a change?

  4. Chef Siegel-Gardner,
    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alvin Schultz. Though we’ve never met, you are someone I admire greatly. Your style of cooking truly resonates with me and your resume is mind blowing.

    I have recently had an exciting culinary journey that has re-kindled my love for cooking. Being a contestant on the show MASTERCHEF, gave me a glimpse of what doing something that I truly LOVE every day could be like.

    Although cooking in one of Houston’s top kitchens is very different than cooking on set, the show has taught me that I should follow my passion. The exact culinary path that my passion will take me is unknown, but I do know that learning from your culinary experience would be incredible.

    I hope that we can meet in the near future to talk about any opportunities you may have for me to stage with you.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

    Alvin J. Schultz
    2300 West Alabama #57
    Houston, TX 77098


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