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Sample Menu

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2010 at 10:46 pm

just august project


pickled cabbage stems / roasted yeast aioli

avocado / harissa / pith puree / crumble

cracklings / red wine vinegar powder / elderflower

Raw Course

cobia / celery gazpacho / tomato / horseradish

Bread Course

cocoa nib rye

red miso pain au lait

Mid Course

broccoli / chorizo / yolk

Fish Course

onion / sunflower / poached gulf shrimp / ash yogurt

Meat Course

whey braised goat / bitter greens / black garlic jam


cocoa nib granita / sour apple / toasted fennel ganache


sweet corn pudding / chiffon cake / sour cream ice cream


sunflower macaroons

coriander truffle / saltine cracker

  1. Sounds amazing! Any chance you could send some over to London?

  2. is there still room? all i need is two. i heard you guys on south bound foods 1560 the game

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