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I’m in the F@#$ING Weeds

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2010 at 9:50 am

The other day while working at the pub (I moonlight as a bar wench a couple of nights a week) the kitchen was in an uproar, three tables had ordered at the same time. This is very uncommon at the pub I work at and for the most part, although the food is good, the cooks take their sweet time doing a little of this or that, while languishing in long smoking breaks in between.

I commented, “you guys are in the weeds!” something I had heard Seth and his kitchen buddies say multiple times during my two stints cooking (Valentine’s day 2003, Valentine’s Day 2008- apparently I only cook every five years) which basically means the cooks are super busy, out of synch and food is flying everywhere. Although I expected a nod of camaraderie, instead I got looks of bizarre confusion. “Weeds?” they glowered at me. I quietly walked away head down in shame.

Later I asked them what their terms were for going down in the kitchen, they had some choice expletives attached to “rubbish” and “crap.” Somehow I like the puritan weeds version better, but was just wondering, does every country have a version of this statement?

  1. Sometimes we say “Stomped On.” But I’ve also been in kitchens that used the term “In the Weeds,” or “Swamped.”

  2. (you too seth)

    that’s all.

  3. Hannah, you are a rockstar.

  4. I love your weeds!! We are thrilled to hear about Lily’s engagement.
    Look forward to seeing you guys when you get home. DeeDee & Harvey

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