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As we drove along the English coast line approaching The Sportsman, we  eagerly anticipated our meal so much so that we arrived 30 minutes early. We went inside to grab some drinks and kill some time watching the sheep graze and explore the area.

After walking along the salt marshes and peeking at the small fishing houses,  we scurried back in to get our seats and upon entering were given a quick explanation about our menu (we opted for the tasting, call ahead if you’re interested) and the wine list, which is located at the end of the bar on a chalkboard. Fittingly for the restaurant there are no wine pairings,  no expected notes or terroir that are supposed to be lingering on your pallet, only “white will go nice with the first course” and then later, “the chef opened up a bottle of pinot noir, would you like a glass?”

Casual and understated, cutlery rests on paper napkins and there are no linens on the table. The dessert board, is an actual board that the waitstaff carries from table to table. ( It would be an interesting factoid to discover how many michelin star restaurants use paper napkins.)

It was exactly the kind of place we were looking for, and someday hope to have. One memory that resonates is the chef standing at the bar upon our arrival, filling up his water-glass (apparently they don’t use quart containers much in these parts). We chatted for a while and he gave us a true history of how historically, local sourcing began in medevil times and is something he is replicating today, apparently Kent was known not only for its lush grazing fields along with the proximity to clean streams, estuaries and fishing, making it the king’s granary. We knew before we even sat down that this would be a memorable meal.

Each plate was carefully composed, a truly amazing restaurant created and cared for by a passionate staff. An inspiring experience for us and our future, and a great place to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

  1. Congrats you guys!

    Great pictures btw

  2. 4 years! Congrats!

    We are counting down the days… hurry up July!

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