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The mythology of the kitchen

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 1:18 pm

I was indoctrinated about Sancho very early on in my culinary career. Among many of the things I had no understanding, at the top of my list was why everyone yelled ‘Sancho’ when someone sneezed in the kitchen. I was new, young, slow so I pretty much kept my mouth shut and my head down, and in my most inner of monologues wondered to myself, silently why when I sneezed, everyone in the kitchen paused to say, “you better call home and check!”

One day when the Executive Chef was in the kitchen prepping with us and sneezed, I took it upon myself to be the first to say it, “Sancho!” I yelled, smiling to myself.   All eyes were immediately on me, the Chef’s look of death, the other cooks non-verbally silencing me with their laser eyes.

Eventually after the apocalypse was over, someone pulled me aside and told me the story of Sancho. Sancho was always lurking around, at your house, drinking your beer and waiting for that perfect opportunity to move in on your significant other (apparently Sancho goes both ways, or possibly has a twin sister Sancha). Somehow mid-coitus Sancho can send a message to your body causing you to sneeze- his little way of letting you know who the man or woman is.

So next time you’re putting staff meal out, maybe make a plate for Sancho and leave him an empty seat or standing space. Perhaps the food is just the distraction Sancho needs from simultaneously ruining your life and making you sneeze.

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