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Fresh Isn’t always best

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2010 at 10:33 am

Last tapa’s post.

We had two places on our radar when we were planning our trip too bar-tha-lone-a…..

One was the famous Cal Pep which a mixture of fresh ingredients and a not to be missed bar service. One memorable moment, in the bathroom line, a cockroach scampered out of a crack in the floor, a woman perched against a wall pointed to it, grabbed a waiter by the scruff of his shirt and huskily said in broken English, “kill the beast.”

Beyond this highlight, American’s populated the bar stools, the chef’s face appeared on the placemat, frolicking among different animals of the sea and the beers were child size.

Something was not quite right.

So as we walked up the steep incline searching for Quimet & Quimet and we were met with disapproving looks form the locals spilling out into the street, we knew we were in the right place. This is a restaurant setup not much like any I’d ever seen- customers are basically standing inside a large walk-in closet with a bar, while beautifully arranged wines, cheeses, and every kind of canned product imaginable are stacked to the rafters.

We quickly grabbed some glasses of cava, and pointed at dishes of canned goods on display, that were then artfully transformed. Can openers and hands quietly worked away as we were presented with some of the best tapas we tried during our visit. All made of canned goods and cheese, flavors of expensive canned chestnuts, sardines, smoked salmon, truffle, artichoke, as well as unexpected canned ingredients were combined into savory/sweet toppings on what looked like glamorous bagel bites.

Although flavors were decadent, this restaurant was outstanding because of the creative use of so many products with a long shelf life. Taste, composition, nothing suffered because of preservation, pickling or just plain waiting it out (wine/cheese).

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