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Although Seth has always been an observant thin crust eater, I have occasionally dipped a toe into the deep dish. There is something about eating it in Chicago that makes you feel very much like a resident. I mean if you were farming all day in the cold sub zero temperatures or milking cows, you would need the calories, right? This is how and why I justify all high fat content food that was invented in ye olden days.  If you were churning butter, you were not eating for pleasure.

Everyone in Chicago has his or her favorite hidden deep-dish spot, although after only eating it twice I couldn’t tell the difference and really didn’t want to keep trying. The truth is, deep-dish pizza, a fatter relative of the quiche and kissing cousin of the 7-layer dip, is a monstrosity of food. Like duck fat fries, it is a bad idea to stop eating, because when you stop chewing you can actually feel the pizza descend. Similar to going on Space Mountain, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should have.

On the other side of this story is the thin crust pizza. Delicate and crispy it can carry even the most unlikely ingredients.

The other day I stepped into this restaurant with my friend John and we feasted on what I can only call a small piece of modern art.

What do you think?

  1. Yummy.

    What are the ingredients of the last pizza., and was this written on a pizza smeared Ipad?

  2. Whose hand is in that picture? He should be a pizza hand model.

  3. I love pizza! You guys need to come out to SF-Bay Area and eat at some kick ass pizzerias! I’ve made justin accompany me on all my pizza eating splurges.

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