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Tailgating for Chocolate

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Although the majority of these posts have been about savories, we thought it was time to write about the sweeter mistress. No one can deny chocolate; unless they have experienced some traumatic incident of accidentally choking on coco puffs as a child or I can’t even think of a bad chocolate incident, as extreme happiness clouds my vision when I even think of scenarios where chocolate is involved.

With that said, our trip to chocolate Mecca was of course sabotaged by siesta. We entertained ourselves by watching with laser eyes for the front door of the shop to open. After three hours of unbroken gaze during our chocolate stakeout we finally began to feel sorry for ourselves. I got up to order my fourth beer in broken Spanish and then asked Hannah, ‘are we tailgating for chocolate? Should we be feeling ashamed or sorry for ourselves?” Unblinkingly she continued to salivate and stare at the closed door to the promise land.

Oriol Balaguer is probably one of the best and most interesting pastry chefs on the planet right now. The flavors are spot-on  and his technique is flawless. Once the boxes were opened, it was like a confection hurricane touched down. We quickly compared flavor combinations, trying to trick the other into taking the worst ones. But alas there were no losers, the king of them all though was the Corn Nut flavored chocolate. Two things combined that should be so wrong, tasted so right.

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