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Barcelona Airport

15 minutes of fame

Almost a week ago we left for Barcelona, more on that to come, but now what is presently on our minds is the past 72 hours. The volcano, Eyjafijallajokull (of which I would love a phonetic pronunciation) forced us into unlikely contenders for a maniacal version of the amazing race, with the prize at the end a nights sleep in our own bed and our dog reluctantly rousing himself from slumber in order to receive a pat on the head.

But, back to our battle against the volcanic ash cloud. With our new family in tow, 2 other lost souls that we met in the airport line and we now consider closer than some of our relatives, we drank thousands of estrellas, shared one small bottle of purel, lovingly counted down our clorox wipes and hauled our luggage across four countries, four trains, two cabs, one ferry and one plane.

swiss family

Some things we did discover along the way, carbohydrates are plentiful when journeying through transit stations, perhaps airports follow the same restrictions as the Jews who wandered the dessert with only matzoh in tow?¬† Secondly, the Spaniards version of American food includes some interesting flavor combinations, for example, powdered eggs and a muffin labeled “blueberry” but secretly, made of blue cheese. Finally, chips or crisps as the English call them, come in every flavor imaginable- jamon flavored, cheese and onion, thanksgiving flavored and finally my personal favorite prawn cocktail. Chip companies are truly paving the way for chemical substitutions for actual flavor. We applaud their creativity.

another line

Tonight we feast on vegetables, which seem to be the lost unicorn of traveling cuisine. As we crunch our way through ruffage, we will raise a glass to new friends, old friends, the amazing Swiss (we are enarmored with both your neutrality and hospitality) and the unlikely ending of this trip, us walking through the door to our home, somewhat drooping smiles still intact.

For vegetarians out there, remember when booking a vacation to bring some power bars, you never know when an Icelandic volcanic eruption might happen. We certainly will never forget them.

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