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Food in Tubes

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2010 at 9:18 am

Ever since an almost divorce worthy trip to IKEA, food in tubes has been a constant source of fascination. Why does the aluminum make it taste so good, so special? How do the Scandinavians incorporate dill into everything, including desserts? And, of course, cream cheese and roe in a tube could there be anything more glorious?

From savory to sweet, not only the Swedes but also Europeans in general rejoice in food packaged to look like old timey toothpaste. Compact, easy to fit in those weird compartments that are always in refrigerators they make meals more interesting, usually and come in an array of beautiful colors and are always complimentary to bite size portions.

We have yet to find an American equivalent besides hot sauces with creative names such as, “Ass blaster hot sauce” and “colon cleaner.”  Or my personal favorite “smack my ass and call me sally: green jalapeno sauce.”  But, seriously, a gimmicky name isn’t going to fool anyone. Food in tubes has broad potential, what they contain and how they are closed, imagine food in a tube as the equivalent of soap on a rope. SOLD!

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