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Vikings Conquer Again

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For the last ten years culinary artists seemed to be emerging from Spain, but recently real innovation seems to be coming from Scandinavia. Having wanted to visit for many years since my stint at Aquavit, I decided to try Swedish fish from the source and flew over in the middle of winter to commune with some Norsemen.

Bread Service

Texan in the Kitchen

Once there I spent three days working at Trio in Malmo, Sweden. Leading with a review of “simply perfect” Trio is receiving high praise from a constituency well versed in fine dining. In concept, Trio is something unique, a kitchen where the chefs not only create dishes but serve them as well. Fully involved in every aspect of the kitchen Ola, Sebastian and Erik (sommelier and manager) this physical trio are as dedicated to service as they are to components that construct their dishes. Not only acting as cooks and wine/libations selectors they also serve, hostess, take care of their customers and at the end of the day pick up the pieces. While this can be a recipe for disaster, Ola, Sebastian and Erik have managed to elevate their cooking to something much more personal, an unbroken experience that links customer and kitchen.


Working at Trio opened my eyes to a model I have been observing for awhile, the quiet revolution of chefs actually returning to the kitchen, excited to cook and dedicated to running every aspect of their business. It was an exciting and memorable few days, and inspirational to watch in action.

there is a +1 at Trio, Linda, their new additional sommelier that helped me set up my current stagiere (eventual posts to come)

  1. nice stuff chef, very nice!

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