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Aaaaah France

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2010 at 10:16 am

In the past we have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship. You left us sad, stranded and may I say it eating TERRIBLE food in Calle. We were cheerless, resentful, and unwashed and the least you could have done was soothe us with legendary cuisine. Instead we got this:

Notice the little towers of frozen vegetables? The scallop seared within an inch of its life, the canned baby corn? This was our nice meal in Calle. The one I insisted was going to be worth waiting for whilst I watched Seth stuff his face with a French Fry Sandwich from the most smoking hot French fry girl that ever lived. Seriously, if Seth thought there was any chance she would take him on a dream scenario French fry cart adventure through Europe there would have been a cut out of him where the door was.

But back to present day shenanigans. Lured back into France once again for a food festival, we departed the Eurostar with a touch of trepidation. Was it going to be a repeat performance of gloomy sandwiches, 80’s Spago tributes and recession specials? Gingerly we made our way along overcast Parisian streets, carrying our luggage, afraid to stop in even a Tabac until we reached our destination — pastry shop, Angelina,  recommended to us by award winning Houston pastry chef, Becky Masson.  The line was out the door. Good sign. People instead of looking miserable (Calle) looked beautiful, Parisian and happy. Seth stood in the pastry take-out line while I smushed my face against the window, staring at the pastries as if with sheer intensity I could make them x-men style leap from the counter and into my hands.

Once Seth emerged from the store…behold…GLORIOUS!

crumbs everywhere, yes I licked crumbs off my coat.

A personal best: six pastries, consumed in six seconds. I stand proud.

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