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Throw a lil Xanthan in there

In Uncategorized on April 1, 2010 at 7:38 am

We have all noticed the food trend of glues, powder’s, and cook’s using eyedroppers and tiny weights and measures to produce what may seem like Frankenstein food. Usually, the eater unaware enjoys odd bits enhanced and stuck together in order to create perfect looking or tasting ingredients.

While deliciousness is something we would never turn away or chemicals (post on Cadbury McFlurry to come) there should be guidelines when introducing not-of-this-world ingredients into food that may be able to stand alone on its own merits.

Up for discussion at the moment is Xanthan Gum, a food additive known to cooks as a quick fix for thickening sauces and purees. A staple in modern kitchens chefs use it usually in moderation, carefully measuring the exact ratio needed to make sure their dish doesn’t end in a failed science experiment. Although some ignore the old adage “everything in moderation” and throw a random handful into a carefully crafted red wine sauce, turning the endeavor into what could only be described as “red wine snot with five gallons of chicken stock.” Not that an unnamed party is still bruised about this, or talking about it five years later.

With that said, here in London has emerged a similar product called “thick and easy” that can help obtain that coveted thickness but with a far superior texture. just remember if you don’t want to spur some insane perfectionist person ranting about ruined sauce for the rest of his life, make sure you get your measurements right.

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