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Sunday Roast

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We should all be heckling those who choose to participate in an event that starts with starvation and ends with terrible bloat. It’s only redeeming quality, the bloody mary which America’s have mastered, has been destroyed by the Brits who can’t figure out how to make one to save their lives. However, there is redemption. The English, bless them, have indoctrinated the magnificent Sunday roast forever into my life.

Typically, Sunday is the bane of most restaurants existence (i.e. brunch), which is why the Sunday roast is genius. Instead of cooks wading through the carnage of eggshells, powdered sugar, and their own tears, they can instead passionately prepare the perfect crispy pork belly, roast chicken, or I hesitate to let these words even grace the page, the savory pie. Currently we are fortunate enough to live in proximity to the birthplace of the ‘Gastropub’ The Eagle, the first of its kind (1991), although the Easton is our true home. Usually we go without choice because our dog is dragging us down the street and through the front door. As we enter, entrancing steam fills the windows, somehow they always manage to find us a table, and the staff all knows us, in particular our dog BBQ.

The Gastropub is a trend that has caught on fast in the US, but although many restaurants attempt the Sunday roast they usually cave to customer pressure to change the menu to service ‘brunch’ or ‘a la carte.’ The roast not only consists of a succulent menu, but also cultivates the perfect atmosphere- a bunch of friends and family gathered together, enjoying maybe one too many, having great conversation, while the afternoon fades away. Why can’t we embrace this? Have we become too private?

Exmouth Market

We need to support local businesses, create relationships, and make our towns and neighborhoods into real communities no matter how big or small.

The Guinness is better than the ones we had at the factory

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