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Beers for the Kitchen (Jameson works too)

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 at 11:17 am

What creates a memorable meal? For many people there is a resonance associated with the history of a chef, the touch they have imparted on the food, or at least their seal of approval. But, when it comes to actual execution, dining out is the culmination of many hands. As with everything, once a personal relationship is formed with the butcher, the storeowner, the farmer or the chef, a meal is incredibly enhanced. Food tastes better, when a recognizable face and name is attached to each forkful.

One way to unobtrusively introduce yourself and make sure you are a badass for life is to give those that work for no tips and little praise a little liquid pat on the back. Like a mirage appearing across a desert, the easiest way to bring a happy tear to the eye of a chef is a six-pack of beers, appearing in the hands of the hostess.

So next time you go eat at your favorite restaurant or even one for a special occasion, pick up a case of beer and make sure the host takes it straight back to the kitchen. You’ll be a hero, and I promise you that the kitchen will make sure you eat like one.

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